13th March, 2018: If you wanna be my blogger

“Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.” – Dalai Lama XIV


More Spice Girl references, I know, aren’t you lucky? As well as having access to the Spice Girls albums, I certainly feel very lucky to have found Tim to be honest – I may be aching but by golly do I feel at peace with the world after I spend half an hour on that mat. I appreciate that my attempt at a yoga diary thing is quite thin on the ground, but this is inevitable because half an hour a day for a month is hardly going to turn me into a yoga guru-expert, is it? I’m still very fresh and new to the world of yoga, and I’ve had to do a canny bit of research to find answers to some of my questions. Most of my blog posts have been built entirely upon the knowledge and experience shared by a vast network of wonderful yoga teachers and bloggers online. To celebrate them, I thought I would share a few of my favourite blogs that I have found this month and helped me understand the world of yoga a little bit better. Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. For body positivity, see my post from the 10th of March for some of the key bloggers but also check out CurvyYoga here for podcasts and lots of nice encouragement.
  2. For fitness, yoga tech and even some yoga book reviews – check out DailyCupOfYoga
  3. For more free yoga programs (like YogaWithTim) check out The Journey Junkie which is probably one of the most popular ones on the net.
  4. Further to my post about aging and developing good posture as your body gets stiffer – or even after long days at a desk – check out Yogaforhealthyaging 
  5. For mothers-to-be and new mothers, check out SpoiledYogi for tips on how you can work to help your body and mind to one huge adjustment.
  6. It struck me that a lot of yoga bloggers are women. Some yoga lads online have been having to defend their yoga love and work to promote the yoga-for-everyone slogan. Whilst Tim is hugely popular, there’s also Adam and Bram (amongst many other friendly male yoga bloggers)  who are also showing that yoga is not just for Yummy-Mummies.
  7. For the big-dog-yoga online digital magazines, you should check out MantraMag, DoYouYoga TheYogaTimes and YogaByCandace. They’re good for talking about a range of topics and perspectives as well as keeping you up to date with the latest news on the yoga block (see what I did there)

I hope you have fun exploring those blogs, and believe me, you will find an encyclopedia of tips, tricks, poses, stories, healthy recipes, weird facts and happy people, which will hopefully get you firmly on the yoga bandwagon. Please do share in the comments below your favourite yoga bloggers and videos – it’s always nice to find new sources of information!

Until tomorrow!



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